Price & Cost of Hand Therapy:

Being a concerned patient, you don’t want to be caught with unexpected medical bills.
An appointment cost depends on whether you pay with cash, card or medical aid.


New Patient

R700Hour Consult
  • First Assessment
  • Tests & Analysis of scans
  • Occupational assessment to determine your ability to return to work and expected recovery rat & time frame
  • Treatment & advice
  • Home treatment exercises

Follow up

R650Hour Consult
  • *Custom splints will be charged additional to consult, but this will be discussed during the session
  • No unexpected charged will be levied
  • Treatment program & prognosis will be explained

Medical Aid

n/aContracted rate
  • Medical Aid Rates Apply
  • No Co-payment
  • We contracted at all Medical aids
  • Charged at 100% of contracted Scheme rate. Please see our details how medical aids claims are handled
  • Test, Treatment and Splints covered in full

6 Week Program

R600Per Session
  • Packaged treatment program due to most conditions require an avegrage of 6 session spaced out over a 6 week period.
  • For this reason, a discounted package price to commit to treatment program at your benifit.
  • *Ask regarding this package during your first session, if it may be of value to your condition.

Accounts Statement:

Please note that we will email you a complete statement of your account.

This invoice will contain all the necessary information (medical aid details, ICD 10 codes, tarrif codes and amounts) to claim your funds back from your medical aid, should you decide to pay cash for your treatments.

If you choose that we submit the claim directly to the medical aid, the medical aid will ensure you receive a statement for your treatment.

Medical aid rates

We charge medical aid rates or 100% of the scheme rate, which makes it possible for us to claim from ANY medical aid.
It remains your responsibility to check from your medical aid if funds are available in your Day-to-day or Savings account.

Private rates:

Cash or Card

*This is a cash rate that we offer our patients to benefit from, due to the account being settled immediately after your session.

R700– First appointment (Assessment, Test, Diagnosis and Treatment)
R650 – Follow up

The first appointment includes a full hour assessment of your problem, tests and discussion of results of the findings of the test that was done.

We will discuss the options and course of action during our session, and we may need to make a split or brace which will be charged separately.

How do our prices compare to other practices?2019-04-22T18:13:59+02:00

We charge medical aid rates at 100% scheme rates. When paying private rates, the rate you pay at our practice is inclusive of consumables that are used in therapy, which most other practices will charge extra for (splints excluded). Make sure of all of the variables when comparing prices.

How much will a hand therapy session cost?2019-04-22T18:17:13+02:00

First consultations are R700. A follow up session of 1hour is R650. When a six week treatment package is applicable, it will work out at R600 per session for 6 weeks. Please ask your therapist about the package. Medical aids are charged at 100% of scheme rates.

Which medical aids do we support?2019-04-22T18:19:00+02:00

We charge medical aid rates, this makes it possible for us to claim from ANY medical aid.

Will your medical aid cover the hand therapy session?2019-04-22T18:21:00+02:00

Yes. We charge medical aid rates at 100% scheme rates. No co-payment will be necessary. It is however important that you verify the medical aid plan and option from your medical aid. Please also check with your medical aid provider regarding the amount of funds available and annual maximums to determine if there are benefits available.
If there are benefits available, the treatment will be covered in full.

What if you don’t have medical aid?2019-04-22T18:23:33+02:00

You can pay cash or card right after the treatment. In the medical field we refer to these patients as ‘private’ patients.  Advantage to these patients are payment is at a set rate.

Do we accept cards?2019-04-22T18:24:52+02:00

Yes, we do have card facilities.

Do we accept cash?2019-04-22T18:25:59+02:00

Yes, you can pay cash right after the treatment.

Do we accept cheques?2019-04-22T18:27:14+02:00

Regrettably, we do not accept any cheques.

Can you claim from your medical aid after paying cash?2019-04-22T18:28:51+02:00

Yes, the practice will e-mail a statement to you. The statement will include all the details necessary to claim from your specific medical aid. The medical aid will then reimburse you.

Are you paying via medical aid?2019-04-22T19:13:37+02:00

Please have all the necessary information and documentation to ensure payment.
ID number of the Main Member and the patient (injured person)
Medical Aid Card or Membership number
Medical Aid Name: (e.g. Discovery, Medihelp, Bonitas, Momentum)
Medical Aid Option/Plan: (Discovery: Keycare Plus, Essential Saver, Essential Core, Medihelp: Dimension 1, Necesse, Bonitas: BonClassic, BonSave, Momentum: Costom, Extender,)
Dependent number: This number is allocated to each person in the family (e.g. Main member = Father: 00, Mother=01, First child=02)