Elmarie van der Merwe is a hand therapist with an eye for the more intricate and delicate structures in your hands. She has years of expertise in accurately testing, diagnosing as well as treating all kinds of hand, wrist and finger injuries. Altogether she’s a softhearted, yet strong handed therapist and is equally reserved, when it comes to her various achievements and skills. She’s a honest practitioner that tells you what the situation is, while earning the respect of her patients, and above all – she treats each and every one of her patients like family.

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Expert hand therapist – Elmarie van der Merwe

Expert hand therapist – Elmarie van der Merwe

Elmarie is an engaging, warm personality. She has the unique skill to capture her audience with a deep sense of idealism together with integrity, although she’s not an idle dreamer – she takes concrete steps in order to truly realize her goals and achieves her goal. Similarly, she speaks with great passion and conviction, especially when it comes to your injury and recovery process. Above all Elmarie strives to do what’s right – and she wants to help create a world where others can benefit from her advice. Her personality aspires to notably fix society’s deeper problems, in the hope that unfairness and hardship can become things of the past. This resonates in her work as she knows the pressure of getting you back to work as safely and fast as possible. She shines working under pressure.

She communicates in a way that is warm and sensitive, but in the same breath, demands patients and perseverance. This emotional honesty and insight is powerful when dealing with pain and trauma. It is important to realise that she tends to act with the best of intentions. As a result, nothing lights up Elmarie’s world like creating a proper solution that can help change people’s lives.

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“She uses her strengths for the greater good”

Elmarie is certainly a creative thinker. She enjoys finding the perfect solution for the people she cares about. That is to say that Elamire, as a Hand therapist, typically strives to move past appearances and focuses upon getting to the core instead. This thus gives her an almost uncanny ability to understand people’s true motivations, feelings, and needs. She definitely has deeply held beliefs, and her conviction, in fact, often shines through when she speaks about pain and pathology. Ultimately, her words are compelling and inspiring. Elmarie is a passionate hand therapist that rarely settles for “good enough”. AShe pursues her ideals with a force that may catch you off guard.

She thinks about how her actions affect others, and her goal is to openly behave in a way that will help you  – overall, she wants to make the world a better place.

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