Elmarie van der Merwe is a hand therapist with a keen eye for the more intricate and delicate structures in your hands. She has years of expertise in accurately testing, diagnosing as well as treating all kinds of hand, wrist, finger, thumb and elbow injuries. Your hand has very small & complex structures in a very close proximity, that’s why her skills are focused.

Altogether she’s a softhearted, yet strong handed therapist. She’s a honest practitioner that tells you what the situation is and treats each and every one of her patients like family.

Hand Therapist Elmarie van der Merwe
Hand Therapist Elmarie

Hand therapist

Elmarie van der Merwe, owner of this practice and an expert hand therapist

Elmarie van der Merwe, an expert hand therapist

Elmarie is an engaging, warm personality. As an idealist, she engages with her patients through integrity and respect. However, she’s not an idle dreamer. She actively takes steps to realise her, and her patients’, goals. Consequently, she speaks with great passion and conviction – especially when it comes to your injury and recovery process.

Above all, Elmarie strives to do what is right. She wants to help create a world where others can benefit from her advice and skills. Her approach to occupational therapy aims to address some of society’s deeper problems, and in doing so, hopes that unfairness and discrimination can become things of the past. This approach is reflected in her work. Elmarie understands your desire to get back to your normal activities (or work) as safely and as fast as possible.

Her communication style empathetic, warm and sensitive. However, in the same breath, she’ll need her patients’ patience and perseverance. Elmarie’s straight-forward talk and sharing of insights is powerful and necessary when dealing with pain and trauma. It is important to realise that she acts in the best interests of her patients. As a result, Elmarie’s lights up when people reach out to her for advice or treatment of their hand, wrist, finger or elbow injuries.

“She uses her strengths for the greater good”

Elmarie is certainly a creative thinker. She believes that each person is different and needs a solution that fits their unique situation. As a hand therapist, Elmarie strives to move past appearances and rather focuses on getting to the core of the problem instead. This approach gives her an almost uncanny ability to understand people’s needs.

She has deeply held beliefs about people valuing themselves and their health. Her convictions, often shine through when she speaks about pain and pathology. Elmarie is a passionate hand therapist that rarely settles for “good enough”. She pursues her ideals on providing the best care for her patients, with a force that may catch you off guard or event inspire you.

Amazing expertise in hand therapy and pays so much attention to detail. Her passion for patient care is extraordinary!
Lynn-Marie Botha
What a wonderful experience! Elmarie is thorough in testing and treatment, taking time to explain every fascinating little megafter she uses in the process. She helps set realistic goals for improvement, and will help you with exercises and tools to use at home so you can help yourself alongside her treatment for the best recovery calendar😁
Odette Swanepoel
I am 61 years old. Elmarie (Hand Therapist) started treating me when I had quite a lot of pain in my hands and wrists due to old injuries and possibly some arthritis. My hand strength tested at less than half of what is seen as normal. She saw me four or five times for 1 hour sessions in which she treated my hands, explained and gave me simple but effective exercises to do at home. At the last session my hand strength tested slightly below normal and I still have very little pain, as long as I keep up with the exercises. Elmarie is the best!
Stephen Pitts
Elmarie offers an excellent service with the added benefit of genuine care for her patients. She'll be there for you for as long as it takes!
Emma Paulet
Elmarie is extremely knowledgeable and caring and continuously follow up on patient even between sessions. Thank you for great service!
Petrus Klopper
The most patient, professional, skilled and passionate Therapist . Thank you for a great service.
Mirose Muhlarhi

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