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A Ganglion is a balloon that develops between the joint spaces and is filled with fluid. It is not dangerous, let our Hand expert explain: Ganglion

Wrist Pain

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Your hand & wrist has very small & complex structures in a very close proximity. Its best to ask wrist pain experts. Wrist pain is our field of specialty.

Hand Pain

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The hand is a very complex structure, lets discuss some of the more common causes and injuries to some of the structures that can cause hand pain, stiffness & clicking.

Thumb pain

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Thumb pain can be caused by a wide range of injury to your Thumb or underlying pathology. Our hand therapist explains the different types of thumb pain.

Mallet Finger

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A Mallet finger is a finger deformity that is the result of a severed tendon in your finger leaving the last digit of your finger in a bent position, unable to straighten.

Hand Nerve Pain

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Nerves in the hand are like power cables that are made up out of smaller strands of wire.There are 3 main cables of nerves in the hand: Median nerve, Radial nerve, Ulnar nerve